Why are my ram slots different colors

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How To Install RAM on a 4 Slot Motherboard | HyperX Fury ... Many Peoples are confused when they have 4 slots on motherboard and think how to install his RAM in these slots and if you have 4 RAM then don't worry about it simply install all your RAM one by ... Difference between DIMM slot colors - Windows 7 Help Forums Difference between DIMM slot colors. ... Each channel has a different color. ... RAM/Dimm slot issue. As the title suggest, my motherboard seems to have an issue ... Why Dimm slots are colored? - Experts Exchange

Hi, I have 4 slots on my MOBO, 2x Blue, 2x Black. I have 2x 4gb 1333 of RAM but they are both in the Black slots, because if i put one in a Blue and one in a Black, it shows only 4gigs of RAM

How to Install Memory (RAM) into a Computer - YouTube How to Install Memory (RAM) into a Computer ... Remember to make sure that when installing your RAM you only install it into slots of the same color so that the motherboard can activate the multi ... Motherboard RAM slots? colors? | Yahoo Answers The RAM slot color indicate RAM pairs. If you read the manual, it will talk about running your RAM in pairs because the board runs duel channel memory in two pairs. The board more then likely has 8 front side buses. Each slot can feed two of these buses. All of this requires that all of the RAM slots be filled.

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why are my RAM slots different colors? | Yahoo Answers

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I own a 2010 13" macbook, and I'd like to do a RAM update from 2gb to 4gb. Before I buy brand new 2x2gb ram, I'd like to make sure that my macbook has 2x1gb or 1x2gb ram slots. I mean, if both slots are used or if there's only 1 used. Is there a command line to have that information? How to describe the different types of RAM slots - Quora Each Ram slot is given a name such as DDR2, DDR3, and the most recent DDR4. Each of these slots will only accept memory of the same standard. For example a motherboard that has a memory standard of DDR3 will not accept DDR2 or DDR4 memory modules. [Troubleshooting] Which ram slots should I use? : buildapc